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Despite our low prices, we have proven time and time again that our hosting platform can meet the needs of any size and type of client. - Mexico's largest web portal with over 5,000,000 hits per day
Harry S. Truman College - City college in Chicago with over 30,000 students
Warrior Lacrosse - World's largest manufacturer of Lacrosse gear - Publicly traded online mortgage company
Great Lakes Credit Union - One of Ohio's oldest credit unions
Illinois 2nd Judicial Circuit - Illinois state circuit court system
Pulaski Country Sheriff's Office - Pulaski County Sherriff's official website
Columbia County - Columbia County municipal website
Asheville United Way - Regional United Way organization
Ramada Plaza Beach Resort - Popular hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, FL - The official website of Macho Man Randy Savage
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Our number one goal has always been customer satisfaction. We would like to thank the customers below for renewing their accounts with us for another year. Your business and loyalty are greatly appreciated. - MILFORD, CT  USA - CHERRY HILL, NJ  USA - MANAMA, -  BAHRAIN - NY, NY  USA - BUENA PARK, CA  USA
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We are happy to welcome our newest customers below. Thank you for selecting us as your web host, we look forward to serving you! - TUALATIN, OR  USA - ADAIRSVILLE, GA  USA - BONITA SPRINGS, FL  USA - TALLAHASSEE, FL  USA - MANASSAS, VA  USA

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We feel that the quality of our service would make each of our customers want to recommend us to others. Below is a list of randomly selected customers whom anyone is welcome to contact for references. Please feel free to click on the links below to test the speed of our servers, as we challenge you to find a host with faster loading customer websites. - BOISE, ID  USA - DEER PARK, NY  USA - TAMPA, FL  USA - PLANTATION, FL  USA - PORTLAND, ME  USA - SOUTH EUCLID, OH  USA - HEMET, CA  USA - WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA  USA - WHITE ROCK, BC  CANADA - SAINT-BLAISE, QC  CANADA
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We would like to thank the customers below who have taken the time to submit their feedback about our service. Messages are selected at random from our database of customer testimonials each time this page is loaded.
Thanks for the prompt response to my problem report.
Ernesto Cuesta
Bethesda, MD
I have found that your "stuff" is usable compared with so many other hosting systems with lots of features. I'm glad to give you quick comments on accessibility when you are making changes, and/or I could help you anytime on accessibility by people with disabilities. Thanks for being so responsive.
Stan Berman
Bethesda, MD
Been a client of Webmasters since the early 2000s and never had a problem or reason to complain.

And when we screwed up our catch-all settings they were very understanding and hardly laughed at or mocked us at all! 8 ^ )

I don't know how their rates compare to other companies because we've never even thought about switching.
David Hildebrand
San Anselmo, CA
I was impressed with the rapid reply's to my e-mails, even though they were sent late at night. Our issue was resolve quickly.

Thank you for your great service.

David Rohde
San Francisco, CA
I couldn't find an option to describe your service, I wouldn't say just "excelent", I think that more appropriate would be "awesome" cause I never saw such extreme expedite customer support as yours, how you do it?? :)
Ricardo Uhalde
Indaiatuba, Brazil
I was very impressed with the prompt reply I received as well as how quickly my problem was resolved. This promptness adds to the usefulness of this service, and has helped me feel more confident with my choice.
Erin T. Rhodes
Fishers, IN
I work with many hosts developing and maintaining websites for clients and webmasters is by far the quickest in responding to questions/problems. I had a cgi issue and 12 min after I created the ticket, I had the answer. You can believe I will be recommending Webmasters to my clients from now on. Thanks!
Carl Eck
Idyllwild, CA
As the Membership Director for a national nonprofit organization, I looked for quite some time to find a web hosting provider that offered quality hosting at a reasonable price. I don't remember where I ran across, but I'm glad that I did. Great hosting with all the extras, excellent up-time, and a customer service department that truly cares. And all for a price of a bare bones provider. A rare pleasant surprise in the crowded web hosting market!
Jason Chmura
Canton, MI
I had a slight problem with my blog, I could not get on it to blog. The tech support was fantastic. They got back to me within minutes. They helped me solve the problem in no time at all.
Shlomo Bar-Ayal
New York, NY
This really is the most responsive technical support team I've ever encountered. Please keep it up!
Martin Holmes
Victoria, Canada
I asked for assistance with setting up a smart phone mail this afternoon..... I would have been happy if I had received an answer tomorrow sometime..... however,I ran into an impatient boss..... mine... LOL.... and decided to chance calling you. I was answered by Jeannie H.... she informed me that she had just sent the response! WOW!
When I stated I was having some problems with my DSL connection she offered to walk me thru the steps..... she explained it all very concisely, very accurately and it only took a few seconds before Boss Man was receiving his email on his new toy! THANK YOU so much Ms Jeannie and thank you Webmasters for running a fantastic show!
Billie Scarborough
Savannah, Ga
Just a few words, this is great! Thank you.
Jose Boublil
Orlando, FL
I really like how your service is very reliable. I've only experienced one outage and that was just for a few hours in 1 year. Excellent work. I am very happy with the service.
Joey Kulakowski
Marietta, GA
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. Paul Schultz assisted me with changing my domain names, and I was blissfully surprised at how fast he did it. I thought it would take a few days to get my site back up, but with Paul's help, my domain was changed, and operational within *5 minutes* !!!

I couldn't ask for better service!

Thanks again,
Katherine Kowalski
Cheyenne, WY
It took less than 5 minutes to be back online. Paul Schultz did a wonderful job and so does everyone else of the support dream team at webmasters // Keep up the good work.
Jack Farraj
Amman, Jordan
I would like to submit this recommendation of Leann Schmidt as one of the best customer support individuals I have experienced in the world of web development. I develop websites full time and work with a variety of personalities and levels of competence in the support field. Leann is excellent. I enjoy talking with her as she is down to earth, thorough and professional.

I have several clients that I have sent to Webmasters. When I have a problem with any of my client's websites, I go to Leann as much as possible for her knowledge of troubleshooting - she works fast and handles problems well. Leann is the primary reason I continue to use Webmasters as a hosting provider.
Brandon Boyd
Oswego, IL
For people like me and my customers who are so impatient, you guys are always helpful and swift with coming out with solutions. I really appreciate your quality service. Thanks, Hiroshi
Hiroshi Yoshioka
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
The service I have received from your team is now and has always been exemplary. In particular, I have appreciated the help of Ryan Glenn, Jeannie Harrington and John DeSantis. I am telling everyone I know who has or is planning to have a website to use your service. The assistance I have received has always been prompt, useful and given with great patience. I couldn't be happier. Thank-you very much. The fee I pay is money very well spent.
Gerry Luton
Victoria, Canada
I have enjoyed our working relationship for many years and look forward to many more, tell Jeannie I said hello hello.
Marilyn Shaner
Memphis, TN
I had such a time trying to install my app.... support responded to my desperate plea for help, installed the app and had me up and running within minutes.

These have to be the absolutely best support techs ever!
Patricia Bridewell
Beaver Dam, KY
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