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Despite our low prices, we have proven time and time again that our hosting platform can meet the needs of any size and type of client. - Mexico's largest web portal with over 5,000,000 hits per day
Harry S. Truman College - City college in Chicago with over 30,000 students
Warrior Lacrosse - World's largest manufacturer of Lacrosse gear - Publicly traded online mortgage company
Great Lakes Credit Union - One of Ohio's oldest credit unions
Illinois 2nd Judicial Circuit - Illinois state circuit court system
Pulaski Country Sheriff's Office - Pulaski County Sherriff's official website
Columbia County - Columbia County municipal website
Asheville United Way - Regional United Way organization
Ramada Plaza Beach Resort - Popular hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, FL - The official website of Macho Man Randy Savage
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Our number one goal has always been customer satisfaction. We would like to thank the customers below for renewing their accounts with us for another year. Your business and loyalty are greatly appreciated. - BATTLE LAKE, MN  USA - BARCELONA, -  SPAIN - BARCELONA, -  SPAIN - NAIROBI, 27507  KENYA - LAUREL, MD  USA
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We are happy to welcome our newest customers below. Thank you for selecting us as your web host, we look forward to serving you! - FAIRHAVEN, MA  USA - NAPERVILLE, IL  USA - TORONTO, ONTARIO  CANADA - PITTSBURGH, PA  USA - YARDLEY, PA  USA

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We feel that the quality of our service would make each of our customers want to recommend us to others. Below is a list of randomly selected customers whom anyone is welcome to contact for references. Please feel free to click on the links below to test the speed of our servers, as we challenge you to find a host with faster loading customer websites. - SAN DIEGO, CA  USA - KNOXVILLE, TN  USA - HILLSIDE, IL  USA - CHARLOTTE, NC  USA - DURHAM, NC  USA - MAYSVILLE, KY  USA - DEFOREST, WI  USA - CHICAGO, IL  USA - JUPITER, FL  USA - SCARBOROUGH, ME  USA
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We would like to thank the customers below who have taken the time to submit their feedback about our service. Messages are selected at random from our database of customer testimonials each time this page is loaded.
Last night I realized that I lost all of my pics on my website. I got up about 4:30 a.m. and tryed to fix the problem with no avail. I received a call from a new large account at 6:30 am saying that they could not view my pics.

My website displays a new Lift product for home and hospital use. Customers really need to view the pics. I told the new propect that I was aware of the problem the night before and it would be up and running by early afternoon.

I have faith in and that's why I've been with them for four years. Once again they came to my rescue. Jim you truly represent Webmasters and everything they stand for. If your looking for above average service give them a try as I did. I recommend them highly and they have proven themselves to me over and over.
Don Brown
Norton, OH
I have been with since early 2000 and had recommended their services to many business associates. Their service and support has always been excellent.

Most recently I was having major issues with a PHP and MySQL application- their recommendation to test their new PHP 7 and MySQL 10.1 database was such a life saver... If you are looking for a host, you should be seriously considering Webmasters.
Michael Wilkins
Moorpark, CA
Since I monitor my site use closely, I value the information available though the Control Panel.

"off the wall" problems have always been handled in a very timely manner.

Thanks guys.
Brian Cleverly
Sacramento, CA
On a Sunday afternoon, I needed to start the process of getting an SSL certificate set up, but had technical questions. In's typical speed, John D. picked up the query and gave a brilliant and very helpful response barely two minutes later! Thanks, John!!
Don DIllin
Edgewater, MD
Always great with working with Linda
Jeff Mumby
Lincoln, NE
Really, the service of the is more than very good, it's excellent service, I'm hosting my website with them more than three years, I receive their support every time I need it, and they learn me some skills through their support.
Dr. Eng. Mahmoud Deyab
Doha, Quatar
Frank was especially helpful. I was over my head trying to get a blog installed on my site, and he helped tremendously. As a matter of fact, he deserves a raise!

Thanks again,
Michael Phelan
Bandon, OR
John D. and the rest of the team never fail to come through for me. Whether I have a configuration issue or general questions about how to use a particular service, their responses are always quick and helpful. I now host multiple accounts on servers.
Joe Martins
Dublin, NH
Problem resolved w/in 15 minutes...thank you!
Gene Gosse
Spokane, WA
Thanks for your quick help each time I need it!
Jonathan Matlock
Kelowna, Canada
Satisfied user... Just a note to express my thanks to your technical support staff at Saying you have good support are just words until "it happens" and you really are in a bind. Your team responded promptly with the help I needed. Good support builds good companies and loyal customers.
Delton Davis
Saint Joseph, MO
thank you very much for all the assistance you provided us with our email issue.
Erwin Melzer
Erwin Melzer
Kenner, LA
Thank you for handling a complicated job so efficiently and with little bother.. Good job Ryan!
Jane Porter
Burke, Va
All of my questions are answered extremely quickly and resolved usually within a half hour or less of submitting my support issue. Keep up the great work!
Janet Horton
Issaquah, WA
Had a little trouble forwarding a domain, the Webmasters Tech support had it sorted in minutes!
Great job!
Rick Matisak
N. Royalton, OH
Thank you for your kind and useful response. While I generally "make my own lightsaber", it is nice to know there's a human being back there in case I need a little hard-to-explain help.
Tom Roden
Irvine, CA
You guys never cease to amaze me how quickly you respond, 24/7. I don't know of any other business I deal with that can compare. Keep up the good work!
Charles Beasley
San Angelo, TX
Thank you so very much for your help, walking me through the technical issues I was having with my 4 admin hosting control panel. Though I'm not very technically savy on the computer, you were very courteous and patient. Thank you for your outstanding service.
Brian Cizek
Huntington Beach. CA
I would like to thank your staff for helping me get my internet services off the ground by answering some pretty tough questions. I believe I spoke with a Ms. Schmidt who was very helpful and patient with me. I've called before to ask questions however, I never received the kind of customer service that makes you feel like YOU are the most important person and YOUR questions are the top concern. It's nice to see a person that's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you're completely satisfied and knowledgable of what needs to be done. I appreciate you being patient and very courteous.
Kenneth McIntosh
Hamilton, OH
I had a slight problem with my blog, I could not get on it to blog. The tech support was fantastic. They got back to me within minutes. They helped me solve the problem in no time at all.
Shlomo Bar-Ayal
New York, NY
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